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About Toi Tucker

Hi! I'm Toi Tucker, and I am the owner of Toi Tucker Photography and Love Angels Photography. Love Angels originated in 2013 after the birth of my first son. 8 years later, I birthed Toi Tucker Photography to showcase my love and passion for photographically documenting Corporate & Business events. 

I was born in Los Angeles California, and have spent my childhood and adult life in Columbus, OH. I graduated from Miami University in Oxford, & I have a score of friends and business connections. It warms my heart that my clients repeatedly choose to secure my services for their most important business and life events. I am honored. When I don't have my camera in hand, I am busy with my 3 Beautiful Boys (James Charles V, Jacen Dior, & Jersey Emory), and amazing Husband, James IV.

Photography has always been a passion of mine, since I was a young child. You remember the 80s & 90s Polaroid click, shake & wait portraits? (smile); I was always obsessed with them. Collected them. Wondered how something could go from a blank slate to a memory right before my eyes. While my degrees are in the Social Sciences, I always knew that somehow, I'd essentially incorporate Photography into my life. My mom recently told me, "You shoot with your heart, and not your camera." This is a Golden Truth for me. 

With a wonderful Mentor (Shellee Fisher) and a number of self-help videos, my current work is a display of years of hard work, dedication and focus (no pun intended!). Getting that call to photograph a Business or Corporate Event sends my heart racing; I love the networking and being the one responsible for documenting the events that unfold during a conference, banquet, party or luncheon. 

I've learned that being a Photographer is not just about click, click, take-a-pic and deliver; it is about building rapport, comfort, and understanding my client's needs. It is about spending hours on the back end to ensure each photograph is professionally edited and returned to recap a story. If you'd like to secure the professional memory of your next event, it'd be my genuine pleasure to accommodate you! Thank you for visiting my page, and please Contact Me today to schedule your next event!

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