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Why Toi Tucker Photography

The Relationship & Rapport

One of the most important aspects of being a photographer is developing a relationship. As I develop a relationship with my clients, I am better able to understand their needs and visions for capturing their future event(s). For me, it is not just about being behind the camera to document your special event; I enjoy getting to know about your business, your vision, and the details you'd like captured to ensure your maximum satisfaction. Book me for your next special event, and you'll see first hand how my relationship with my clients sets me apart from other businesses. Building rapport with my clients is my number one priority, and by developing a relationship, I secure your trust to be apart of expanding your business' portfolio and imagery.

The Representation 

Everyone desires to have their Company or their Business positively represented. Hiring a professional photographer is one of the most essential and tactical means to shedding a positive light on your organization. When your business is represented by the use of professional images, it is a reflection of how much you care about the presentation of your work. Bright, organized, cropped, and clear images gives your audience the true perception that your business means business! Whether you are launching a new business and need environmental headshots, or simply throwing an annual office party, I would love to work with you! Let's expand your business by using beautiful professional imagery to tell your Company's story and what YOU represent. 

Lilubela Events
The Reward

To me, hiring a professional to assist in planning your event is essential. Many people are able to capture events and details with the advance of Modern Day Technology. But when you hire me to provide Professional Photography Services, you are guaranteed clean pristine images, genuine business etiquette, and work that has been post-edited to ensure maximum quality and presentation. Not only is it an enjoyable experience for both me and my clients, but in the end, you are also rewarded with a brilliant portfolio of your images. Images that capture every detail of your special event. Now that is a reward worth hiring a professional for! 

The Rates

When you hire Toi Tucker Photography, you can be confident that you are receiving skillful and polished professional services. This guarantees that your money is well spent. 

It is imperative for me that my clients are fully satisfied with the entire process; from getting familiar with my company online, all the way to the end where you receive your images online.


My prices start at $200/hr. with a minimum time commitment of 2 hours. 

Prices are negotiable and customizable depending on the event's location, time of day, and total duration (same day vs. multiple day services). 

My services include my time and travel to your event & my time photographing. You will typically receive no less than 70 professional images per hour, and you will also receive all images via OneDrive. Clients receive all marketing and copyrights to images, in addition to an optional online gallery that can be made private or public, according to your preference. Contact Me today to schedule a complimentary phone consultation. 

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